The mission of the Arkansas Ombudsman Program is to ensure that long-term facility residents have the right to live their lives with dignity and feel free to voice complaints or concerns without fear of retaliation.

The Ombudsman strives to be a trusted advocate for all residents by educating them regarding their rights, investigation of complaints and empowering residents to speak for themselves. The Ombudsman provides support for those who feel they do not have a voice.


What is a Long-Term Care Ombudsman?

A Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) is a resident advocate making sure residents at long-term care facilities have a good quality of life and get the care they need and deserve. The Ombudsman does this in several different ways by:

  • Investigating and resolving complaints to the residents’ satisfaction

  • Providing information like community resources, staff training, and Residents’ Rights to families, staff, and the resident.  

  • Advocating for changes to improve residents’ care and quality of life

  • Empowering residents and promoting self-advocacy

  • Promoting the Residents' Rights guaranteed to residents under federal and state law and regulations

The LTCO is knowledgeable when it comes to state and federal regulations and will refer to relevant regulations as they advocate for residents. The LTCO coordinates efforts with other agencies and organizations to ensure the best quality of care and quality of life for residents.   


The LTCO reviews and investigates complaint allegations including abuse, neglect, and exploitation made by or on behalf of residents. Federal law gives each nursing home resident the right to quality of care and quality of life. This includes freedom from neglect, abuse, exploitation, and misappropriation of property. During these investigations, the LTCO cannot share information with anyone without a resident’s consent. 


Note: The LTCO does not regulate or inspect facilities, is not Adult Protective Services (APS), and cannot provide direct care for residents.  


What are the Residents Rights?

Residents of nursing homes have rights guaranteed by the federal Nursing Home Reform Act. This law requires nursing homes to “promote and protect the rights of each resident”, while stressing individual dignity and self-determination. 

Right to a Dignified Existence
Rights During Discharge or Transfer
Right to Self-Determination
Right to be Fully Informed
Right of Access
Rights Regarding Financial Affairs
Right to Raise Grievances
Right to Privacy

Who is my Long-Term Care Ombudsman?

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Meet the Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman Staff

Mandy Stricklin
Region I (East)
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Region IV
Regina Joyner
Region V
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Charlotte Sudmeyer
Region VI (South)
Doris Chaney
Region VII
James Lollies
Region VII
Madison Moses
Region VIII
Paul Roper
Region VIII
Charlotte Bishop
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Ann Spencer-Cole
Ombudsman Coordinator
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