Nursing Home Checklist

q           Are there any unacceptable odors in the nursing home?

q           How do the residents appear to be groomed?  Are their clothes clean, hair   combed, faces and mouths clean, fingernails and hands clean?

q           Are the residents involved in meaningful activities either with staff or peers?  This would not include watching TV in the big room.

q           How do the meals look?  Are they appetizing?  Is enough food served?  Are residents who need help eating being fed by staff?  Are residents in their rooms being fed?

q           What is the mood in the dining room?  Are residents and staff relaxed or is there a hurried pace to get residents fed?

q           Do you hear residents crying out?  How do staff members respond to these cries?

q           How is the staff interacting with residents?  Do they call them by name?  How are residents interacting with staff?

q           Is the facility noisy?  Does the facility fell like a home?

q           Is the most recent survey posted so that you can read and lean how the facility fared during the most recent licensing survey?

q           Is there a clean, attractive area where family and friends can visit?

q           What do the individual rooms look like?  Do they reflect the decorating styles of the residents with personal items displayed?  Are all the rooms just exactly alike with no personal effects present?